Luang Por Thavorn,

The Former Chief Executive of Wat Buddha Thai Thavornvanaram

On the auspicious occasion of the fourth cycle birthday (48 years of age) of Phra Pisal Patanathorn (Thavorn Jittatawaro) of  Wat PatoomVanaramrajworawiharn, we invite everyone to celebrate with us in wishing Luang Por Thavorn long life and happiness. Although Luang Por’s birthday falls on March 4th, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate before his return to Thailand later this month.

Not only has Luang Por done much to further the Buddhist faith, he has contributed greatly to his community and country. In Thailand, he has been an active supporter of many of the rural improvement projects developed and sponsored by the King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumibol. Through these projects, His Majesty seeks to improve the lives of the rural people and thus the entire country. 

In his efforts to strengthen Buddhist faith and practice, Luang Por has reconstructed and supported many wats (temples) and schools for the teaching of the Dhamma to novices and monks in Bangkok, rural areas of Thailand and abroad. Most importantly, Luang Por sponsored and inspired the building of Wat Buddha Thai Thavornvanaram in Queens, New York. He also arranged for a separate residence for lay persons to use for meditation practice. He has done all of this to help ensure the continued progress of the Lord Buddha’s teachings. His efforts have resulted in a beautiful temple not only for the local Thai community, but also for the community as a whole.    

In the field of education, Luang Por has constructed and supported schools for the teaching of children. He has given students encouragement by providing scholarships. Luang Por enthusiastically promotes education because he rightly believes that education is essential not only for the development of the people, but also for the development and advancement of Thailand.

Luang Por Thavorn has shown his concern for public health by supporting the building of hospitals and nursing stations in rural areas. Luang Por recognizes that good health is vital for the Thai people so that they may enjoy life and be productive.

Luang Por Thavorn’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. In December 1991 Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok awarded an honorary Ph.D. in Social Humanities to Luang Por in recognition of his great contributions to the betterment of his people and country.

Luang Por serves as a shining beacon to show us the proper way of life and the spirit of loving kindness and cooperation with one another. He is the inspiration that brings us together in Buddhism.


By Paijit Suwanwipat and Dave Pratt

on behalf of the Committee Staff of Wat Buddha Thai Thavornvanaram


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